Ways to Use White Brickies Sand You Might Not Have Considered

Modern bricklayers and building contractors in Australia choose white brickies sand for their work. There should be no vegetation or organic material in brickies sand, with the right amount of clay and silt.

Premium Allsands is a premier sand supplier, one of the largest providers of soil and Wattleup sand supplies in Western Australia. We have set new standards for blending and bonding with our white brickies sand. This makes it suitable for landscaping, gardening and building projects and we also deliver the best brickies sand price.

Ways to Use White Brickies Sand You Might Not Have Considered

Our Brickies Sand Is Used by Professional Bricklayers and Home DIY Enthusiasts

Brickies sand (also called ‘fatty’ sand) is excellent for laying bricks because it can blend mortar, the process of combining bricks with a thin layer of mortar to build and create walls. 

Mixing Brickies sand with cement yields a workable and sticky mortar due to its clay and silt balance. When the sand dries and bonds, it repels water, leaving behind a strong and structural joint. The brickies sand can also be used for other jobs that require a sand material with medium clay content, such as:

Limestone blockwork: You can add both aesthetic beauty and functional appeal to your outdoor landscape by building walls out of limestone blocks. A combination of white brickies sand and lite cement is best for limestone blockwork.

Wall construction: Mortar for wall construction is simply a mixture of bricklaying sand, water, cement, and hydrated lime. Keep in mind that each project will require a different ratio of each ingredient, but it is essential to get the right proportions. Calculate the dry material of mortar needed by multiplying the total bricks by 0.9.

Sporting fields and arenas: Brickies sand’s water-repelling properties leave behind a strong, structural bond while drying and bonding. In addition to being used in building construction, brickies sand is also useful in sports arenas, agriculture, fields, and most other projects that require sand with medium clay content.

Garden and agriculture: Besides agricultural and sporting fields, white brickies sand is suitable for pool bedding, golf courses, and children’s play areas.

Roof capping and sand joints: This also applies to any mortar application that requires a light-coloured joint.

Are you looking for the best brickies sand price and the highest quality bricklaying sand in Western Australia? Premium Allsands stocks the highest grades of white brickies sand and the most competitive brickies sand price.

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