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Organic Gardening Basics

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Top Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is the time of year that is considered to be perfect for you to think about a total renovation of your lawn. Many nurseries and home improvement stores will offer low cost discounts on lawn and gardening supplies, including sod as well as any of their remaining container grown plants. It is also a good time for you to run across good prices for lawn equipment such as a broad spreader and other tools.

You can begin your lawn renovation by obtaining a broad spreader to evenly distribute ingredients that your lawn requires. Start by removing the old lawn materials down to the bare soil itself, and using the broad spreader, apply a thin layer of organic matter, then add some lime, fertilizer and your grass seed, followed by a thorough watering. On an average of 3 weeks time, you can expect to have a great looking lawn.

With the shorter days, and the cooler nights, it makes for a perfect time to begin planting cool season fall vegetables. Plants such as lettuce and broccoli are great choices to grow until the weather begins to turn very cold. Vegetables are not the only good choices for plants at this time; it is also good to begin planting flowering bulbs, such as irises and tulips. New trees and shrubs will also benefit from being planted during this time. If you already have perennials you can begin dividing them if they are already mature. This will encourage new growth as well as adding new plants to your lawn from an existing stock. Make sure that you water them well before you carefully dig them out and be certain you are careful to maintain the root ball. You can then separate the root ball into multiple plants by gently pulling it apart, you can use a spade or fork to assist you. It’s best to immediately plant these new offspring and water well.

You can also help out the beautiful birds that may be native to your region by filling bird feeders with the correct type of seed for the species, and making sure that there is plenty of water available in your bird bath.

The hot and dry summer time can have a negative impact on trees, shrubs, and perennials, so now is a good time to begin inspecting them, and prune them as necessary. Rake up any fallen leaves and if you discover any diseased or damaged stems and branches on your perennials, trim them off with a sharp tool. Add to or replace entirely any plants you feel are lacking from your lawn or that need improving upon. Dead plants are ideal hiding spots for insects and disease carrying pests that can ruin your garden. Be sure to remove any, and if your compost pile is lacking, add them to it. The high heat that is generated from it will destroy the organisms. Soil can tend to be dry in the fall, so now is a great time to begin thoroughly watering your lawn once a week, but check your lawn’s soil moisture level to ensure it’s necessary. It is also a good time to create your compost pile, a very useful item if you do not already have one. All the dead leaves and yard debris can be placed inside a compost pile. You can later add this material back to your lawn to nourish it by helping the ground retain its moisture.

Mulch is a great addition to your lawn and garden beds, not only to add some beauty, but to help your plants’ roots from being damaged from the changes in temperatures and moisture levels, as well as hindering the growth of weeds. You can use grass clippings, straw, pine needles, or even hay if store bought mulch is not preferred or available in your area. The ground is usually warm and easy to work with this time of year. The weather is also not too hot, so it’s great to begin any projects such as rock gardens, water gardens, edging or weeding. If you reduce the number of weeds you have now, you will have more free time in the spring.

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