What Is the Best Paving Sand and What Are Other Sands Used For?

Paving sand is a blend of fine, multipurpose sand designed to fill gaps between bricks and blocks in paving projects. Whether you’re paving paths, patios, or driveways, this is the ideal sand.

Premium Allsands is your best sand supplier near me in Wattleup, Western Australia with the most affordable paving sand price without skimping on quality. Paving sand is just one of the many grains of sand we stock, though, and it is important to know which product you should use for specific projects.

In addition to its use in construction, sand also serves as a decorative material in landscaping and is used in the production of asphalt and concrete. For the construction industry, sand is a very important material, but it has to be purchased with great care and vigilance.

Premium Allsands has run the rule over the most common forms of sand available so you know which option is right for you and your project.

Yellow Fill Sand

Over time, grassroots can weaken and rot if left in standing water. Yellow sand provides excellent drainage because it is one of the most porous surfaces. There will be much less chance of puddles on the lawn after heavy rain, and the soil will return to its normal moisture level much easier.

Brickies Sand

Because brickies sand contains a perfect balance of clay and silt, it creates a more workable mortar that is stickier. The brickies sand repels water and leaves behind a structurally sound joint when used for drying and bonding.

Plasterers Sand

Unlike sharp sand or building sand, plastering sand has finer particles. Therefore, it can be used as a render and plaster for both internal and external surfaces. We work with leading manufacturers at Premium Allsands to provide you with extremely high-quality sand at extremely competitive prices.

Paving Sand

Paving sand does more than just provide a strong foundation for pavers; it is also ideal for preparing concrete pads, footings, oval and grass constructions, fibre swimming pools, and water tanks.

White Sand

Concrete and masonry work is usually done with this fine-grey sand. Additionally, white sand can be used for plastering, brickwork, and reinforced cement concrete (RCC). Because it is water-trapped within its particles, this sand has a better grain shape and a smoother texture and requires less moisture.

White Sand Screened

White screened sand is similar to washed white sand, except it usually contains clay fines, whereas washed white sand does not. White screened sand is a highly refined, multi-purpose sand that has a more off-white colour than pure white sand, and is therefore perfect for applications ranging from equestrian arenas to sandpits.

Virgin Fill Sand

The versatility of fill sand allows it to be used in a number of different settings. There are many uses for virgin fill sand, including residential and commercial construction. As well as raising low-lying areas, it can fill the void left by removing large objects, such as swimming pools. It’s also often used in places where it’s easily visible, like horse rings, equestrian centres, and golf courses, because it looks great and provides a light surface to walk on.

Recycled Fill Sand

In addition to roads, cement concrete, geopolymer concrete, cement mortars, paver blocks, and masonry blocks, recycled fill sand is an affordable and sustainable solution that can be used in a variety of applications.

Top Soil

In order for plants to thrive, the topsoil must be rich in nutrients. The organic matter in it makes it appear darker than subsoil. Healthy plant growth is promoted by topsoil that retains water and nutrients.

Turf Sand

The firmness of the soil is improved with a layer of sand on the lawn. Because of the fermentation of organic matter and the abundance of insects in the topsoil, too much organic material makes the soil a little spongy. Ensure that the soil is healthy and firm by adding turf sand. This will also improve drainage and aeration.

If you’re looking for the best sand supplier near me in Wattleup, Western Australia, give the team at Premium Allsands a call on (08) 9733 2289 or contact us online.

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