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Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui Living Room

During the spring, homeowners prepare for spring cleaning. Homes that are cleaned properly give everyone better energy, and everyone will be nourished and stronger. A variety of easy cleaning tasks can be done by using various feng shui methods.

Cutter Advice

A viewpoint that is slightly different is what clutter is according to feng shui. Valuable time is stolen from you when a cutter is found in your home, and this steals your energy. This is why clutter must be cleaned. Clutter is blocked, low energy that drains energy from you; this is the meaning of clutter based on feng shui. The general meaning of clutter, however, objects you do not have a place for.

Cleaning the home to reduce clutter with feng shui involves searching various places, such as the garage and cupboards. These locations are where clutter is usually found. Before you clean these locations, you must understand the general system of cleaning with feng shui. This system requires being honest and brave. Being honest is needed because it helps you get fresh and new energy in your home.

Various supplies for clearing clutter will be needed; however, there are important elements you must understand. When working to clean clutter, you must know the general feeling you want for the place; do not start the cleaning task without this.

Long term clutter success is not possible without understanding how to properly employ the feng shui aspect. Anyone who does not understand this will encounter disappointment and complaints involving clutter. This is not the reason why Feng Shui is used; this should be avoided.

For successful cleaning with feng shui, there is one thing that must not be done. When preparing to work on an area that has been blocked for a long time, never start the cleaning task in a negative mood. This type of cleaning task requires bright energy. Before starting this type of task, consider doing something that improves your general mood, such as taking a shower or listening to music. Another example would be using essential oils in the air; this can be done with a candle diffuser. Any sprays or essential oils are recommended. The most popular oils that are used during cleaning are peppermint or lemongrass; these oils, however, must be tested because they must support your vitality and energy.

Another useful way to clean clutter with feng shui involves smudging. Before cleaning, you can smudge the area, and you can also smudge the area once cleaning is done. During the cleaning session, an herbal incense can also be used. The energy surrounding you can be cleaned with a small candle.

While cleaning, there are various ways to improve the energy around you. Lighting is recommended. The lighting must not be dark; use as much light as possible. Good energy is required; without it, cleaning clutter will be challenging.

Cleaning the clutter from the bedroom involves removing various objects. These objects consist of the television, storage items, and another type of objects. Check under the bed because many objects are generally found there as well. Also, inspect the closets; this is a common area that requires de-cluttering. Most of the items may be old; let any items go if you have not used them lately. Don't forget to check on the condition of your framed photos, clean them if it gets dusty. To add extra safety, digitize the old photographs so that you can have a backup. Here's some understanding about photo scanning, click here.

The kitchen in feng shui involves your heath; generally, it involves the health of the liver. Because the liver is a detoxifying organ, proper de-cluttering is highly recommended. The refrigerator could have many old foods; find what is not needed, and throw the food away. How you cook matters as well. The stove must be cleaned; remove all grease with the top of the stove and in the oven. Also, carefully clean the pans and pots. Do not use cleaners that contain harsh chemicals; instead, use cleaners that are good for the environment. Other areas that must be cleaned include various surfaces, lights, and drawers.

The main entrance of the house is where the house gains energy nourishment. The mouth of Chi is the front door of the house. Any items that are not needed should not be near the front door, such as chipped pots. Depending on the season, there should only be seasonal items in the main closet.

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