Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Most people have considered a kitchen remodel at some time, and if you are selecting a new kitchen sink this may be in your future. If not however, you still want to plan and choose carefully with a bit of thought before you buy. There are some things to consider when buying your new kitchen sink.

Of course price is one of them, and generally you want a good return on your value. The smaller the number when measuring gauge, the thicker the grade of steel. That is one consideration.

Before you choose a kitchen sink, there are a number of things that must be included in your plans. You must consider the size and design of your kitchen, and the type of counter tops you wish to have. The color scheme is important as well. The finishes available are myriad and many, so if you have something in mind before you go shopping, it can help you to focus on your needs.

There are several things to think about before choosing a kitchen sink. Fist the question is whether you need one. Of course, if you are remodeling, its the first thing you probably want to consider, because they do wear out and start causing mysterious leaks.

There are a couple of styles to consider too, the one that is set inside you kitchen cabinet, and the kind that goes over it. There are certain kinds of finishes you might consider as well, but since money is always a consideration, you should think of that as well.

They com in different types and finishes, whether you want them a white glass glaze,or a steel brush finish, or perhaps even chrome. Chrome can take a wonderful full sheen and polish just as certain bronze and copper finishes.

You want to consider the kind of faucet when you choose your sink and perhaps the drain as well. There are offset drains that will work even if you have a large pot right in the middle of the sink.

All of these things have to be taken into consider before buying because you prepare your food and clean up as well. Consider how much cooking you will do too. If you have two cooks in the kitchen, perhaps you will want two sinks, but you have to consider the cost of plumbing a second sink and where you will put it.

If you have a small kitchen, you will want a small sink, so that the kitchen won’t be overwhelmed by the size. Everything must be in visual proportion when thinking of remodeling your kitchen. Including colors and finishes of course.

You want the number of openings for the faucet to match the number of faucet handles. You may just want one faucet handle if you are cooking and have only one hand to turn on the water. This kind of handle can manage both hot and cold water. You may also want a cut off trigger, if the water tends to get too hot and you have small children.

You may consider whether you want one or two bowls as well. Generally the two bowl kind is the most popular. That way you can prep your food in one side and clean on the other as you go. You may prefer a large bowl on one side and a smaller on the other. It depends on your tastes and cooking behavior. Sometimes the design will be influenced by the style of your remodel as well. All these decisions are important before you begin. Once you order a sink and cabinet it may be hard to return them, especially if you have ordered the granite or hard stone surface cut to your specifications.

So, before you make plans about the kind of sink you need for your kitchen, you have to decide whether you intend to remodel or just replace your old sink. Its not simple because it depends whether you have to choose something ‘backward compatible’ with your design and color scheme or whether you have the freedom to start completely new. The kitchen and bathroom are where most homeowners spend the most money, and where the return on investment from remodeling comes. Remodeling is the better choice when it comes to choosing a new sink, but since not everyone has that option, you want to make a careful decision when choosing your new kitchen sink.

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