What Ceiling Repairs Are Required For a Sagging Roof in Perth

You will need ceiling repairs for your Perth property if your ceiling is sagging and on the verge of collapse. Plaster and debris can cause serious injuries or even death if the ceiling falls down. So the cost of plaster ceiling repair or replacing the ceiling, as well as purchasing new furniture may be the least of your concerns.

A sagging roof isn’t necessarily a sign of imminent collapse, but it is a sign of a structural issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.

A damaged ceiling could also show signs of rotted timber, corrosion on your gutters, loose roof flashing, and discoloured spots on the ceiling that indicate water damage.

Sagging ceilings can collapse for a number of reasons

Hanging half-inch drywall under roof trusses spaced every 24 inches can cause it to sag. A span of that size simply can’t be supported, and the attic insulation contributes to sagging even more.

Water damage, poor workmanship and pests can all contribute to the problem. There are ways to re-strap a ceiling that is sagging if it is fixed in time. When a sagging ceiling is ignored, it may collapse, posing a danger as well as requiring a new ceiling to be installed.

What are the leading causes of a sagging roof?

There are many reasons why a roof can sag, but there are four key issues that need to be identified so you can feel safe that your ceiling is structurally sound. It is vital to routinely have your ceiling inspected for signs of:

Faults in your foundations: Building a house on an ungraded lot or with a poorly constructed foundation can have extremely negative effects on the house in the long run. Other factors, such as how wet or sandy the soil was, also contribute.

Any movement of the ground that causes the foundation to expand or contract will burden it. House foundations shift or sink naturally over time as they settle into the soil they were built on. If the original builder did a poor job, this can lead to cracks appearing in your walls, as well as your ceilings sagging.

If you have a basement, inspect it regularly. If not, check around the base of your house to see if there are any signs of cracks or damage. If you notice anything unusual, contact our experts immediately.

Water damage: All kinds of household problems can result from an undetected water leak. Ceilings are prone to water accumulation, which weakens the drywall or plaster. Over time, allowing water to build up will lead to the ceiling collapsing. Eventually, warped and rotted support beams can cause the ceiling to collapse.

Drywall damage: It’s likely that the drywall was not installed correctly if the ceiling is sagging and there are no telltale stains that indicate water damage.

Termites: Wood is the preferred food of termites, who look like white ants. It is quite likely that termites have already damaged the wooden support beams in your attic and throughout your house if your home is infested with them.

Can a sagging ceiling be saved by Perth Ceiling Repairs?

In some cases, repairing the ceiling can be done, while in other cases, replacing the ceiling will be more cost-effective. It all depends on the extent of the damage and how early you get the professionals in plaster ceiling repair. Get a free quote and inspection from Perth Ceiling Repairs for your sagging ceiling.

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