Important Facts About Green Waste

Did you know that around 25 per cent of all rubbish placed into wheelie bins is green waste? This is garden and lawn materials that could easily be disposed of properly using green waste bin hire, but instead is clogging up local landfills.

Many people are not aware they can use a rubbish skip in Perth to properly dispose of their green waste and this green waste bin hire is highly affordable as well. Instead, a lot of people assume that because green waste degrades easily, it is fine to go to landfill.

The reality is that landfill is heavily compacted and the green waste does not get access to the oxygen it needs so the decomposition process is very slow. Not only that, green waste in landfills emit harmful greenhouse gases like methane.

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their bit for a sustainable future which is why there are many better ways you can dispose of your green waste instead of throwing it out in your wheelie bin. Here are three effective ways you can manage your green waste disposal and avoid sending it to landfill sites: 

green waste bin hire

Use Green Waste Bin Hire

By using a rubbish skip at your Perth home or business you can easily get rid of all your green waste and it will be disposed of correctly. Green waste bin hire means you have a large bin on site so you don’t need to load up wheelie bins or utes and haul the waste off to the tip. 

To use your rubbish skip in Perth effectively, make sure you cut down palm fronds and branches as all of the waste will need to be mulched later on. Don’t bag up your waste, throw it directly into your garden waste skip bin. 

Start Your Own Home Or Business Composting Operation

If you are only producing a small amount of garden waste like lawn clippings or the offcuts from hedging and pruning, a skip bin might be too large for your rubbish removal in Perth requirements.

That doesn’t mean you should throw the waste in the bin so it goes to landfill. Starting your own composting pile will enable you to have rich fertiliser for your gardens and help protect the environment at the same time.

Take Your Green Waste To A Local Recycling Facility

If you were planning on loading up a ute or trailer and taking the waste to the tip, consider taking it to a recycling facility instead. This way the waste will be properly repurposed into compost and mulch.

In most cases green waste skip bin hire in Perth is the easier option, though, as it will save you the labour and transport time. Contact Ezyskips Online for the most affordable rates in green waste bin hire in Perth.

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