How Come My Garage Door Opens By Itself?

Having faulty garage door parts can expose the home to a lot of risks including intruders making their way into your premises. When a garage door opens on its own, it is a potentially dangerous issue that needs immediate attention to discover which garage door parts in Perth are the issue.

Phantom operation refers to a garage door that opens or closes automatically because of faulty garage door parts in Perth homes and businesses. It is not necessary to panic, the solutions are easy, and this technical difficulty can be resolved quickly by the team at All Time Garage Doors.

How Do I Fix a Garage Door That Keeps Opening by Itself?

Listed below are four possible reasons for your garage doors in Perth to open on their own.

The safety sensor system

The garage door is equipped with safety features that open automatically if they detect any obstruction during closing. This is handled by the motors.

If the door encounters any resistance while closing, it will immediately open. This could be the slightest bit of resistance, including a child’s toy or even a stick or other natural debris. Take a good look under where the door closes for any material, no matter how small, that could cause any resistance.

The alignment of the floor sensors may also cause the garage door to open after it has closed. Sensors are placed on the tracks, and if the tracks bend, the sensors stop working.

Fortunately, garage door parts in Perth are equipped with a light that blinks in case any blockage occurs, causing the garage door to open itself. If you cannot locate any damage or blockages on the tracks, the sensor might need to be replaced.

Check the Garage Door Opener

The problem might not be with the door or motor itself, it could be your garage door opener that is faulty. It can be easy to forget the opener is a critical garage doors replacement part, so make sure you inspect it thoroughly.

Dirt and dust can easily cause pressure to build, causing the garage door to open on its own. Do not forget to check the wiring and circuit connections of the house as well. 

Interference From A Nearby Transmitter

Although unlikely, it can occur. Talk to your neighbours if you do not find any problems with your garage door; it may still be opening and closing by itself because your neighbour’s garage door opener is set to the same frequency. The phenomenon is very rare, but not impossible.

Changing the frequency of the radio or changing the code can help, as the sensors work on frequencies and catch radio waves. Devices like car stereo systems and other devices that send radio waves can, in rare instances, impact your garage door. If this is the case, changing the code should fix the issue.

Check the Control Board and the Transformer

A faulty board or transformer could cause your garage door to open on its own. if you have explored all other options, it is best to leave this job to the professionals for safety reasons.

Garage doors that open themselves are problematic. It is better to reach out to a professional if you can’t figure out what the problem is. For the best services at the lowest price, contact All Time Garage Doors at 0467 051 890 today for the best garage doors replacement parts.

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