Home Inspection The Family Room

When the family room needs an inspection from a licensed inspector it helps to know what he or she is doing. Here is a basic guide for what they do and how some typical family room problems are discovered so you can prevent problems before they get started.

Your family room is one of the most important rooms in your home. Your children play there and the family watches television. All of these things require the right amount of electricity and safety for proper use. If you are selling your home, then these things can make or break your home sale. They are important too, as are many other aspects of your family room inspection.

1. Electrical
2. Termites
3. Wood Structure
4. Structural


Each of these are important. Electrical connections affect the safety of equipment that your family uses every day. The sockets in the wall need to be secure and grounded. The wiring in the wall must be checked to make sure they are up to code. These codes change over time. If you have not checked your electrical system, then you should consider an inspection. This counts double if you are noting surges of electricity and other issues.

As you add electrical components to your living room you will need to consider if the system that you have has enough power to run thongs safely. This is where the surges come in. If you are noticing surges of electricity or have blown fuses, then you should get this checked with an inspection.


These are the dreaded creatures for all homeowners. They can destroy a home and are difficult to eliminate. The first problem is spotting the early signs before they take root. You will spot wood that is falling apart when termites have begun to take up residence. You might also spot black spots on the wall. If you actually see the bugs it might be too late.

Wood Structure

Termites aren’t the only problem. Other things can damage Wood as well. Time can deteriorate the wood through weather and years of wear. Water can cause damage as well that can lead to mold and other things that are worse. Mold comes when things are not insulated well and water gets into the structure. Wood is very susceptible to this damage. It can rot and eventually fall apart completely. It is important to have this checked through an inspection. That inspection is one of the most important things that you can have done for the integrity of your home.

Structural Problems

There are other structural problems that cause issues for your home. The foundation to the room can be a danger. This is really a big problem if you have a basement. In those cases, the failure to check it out can be seriously dangerous as the home ages.

If you are selling your home this is part of the inspection process. The inspector will look for the structural stability of your home. Some problems start when the home is built. If you live in areas that have clay or sand, this is a big concern. The foundation can shift and leave a crack in the foundation or even a wall.

Windows can have leaks and water or condensation can come in and cause more damage. One of the things that the inspector will do is look for the leaks in the windows and walls of your home. Having this checked will help you save money. You can fix the leaks and places that air and water are coming in or going out. Having an inspection for your own family’s benefit or preparing to sell your home is a great way to see what the things are that can keep you from having a safe home that is ready to sell.

These reasons are why it is important to have an inspection. You will protect your family as you protect your investment. Your will save money for energy efficiency adjustments and then you will have a home that will last longer. You can save money at the same time. Your inspector is a friend that will help you find things that need help

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