Cheap Skip Bin Hire in Rockingham, Western Australia (WA)

Rockingham residents and business owners can hire a skip bin from WA Skips at an affordable price. Our service is fast, friendly, and affordable, so call us now at (08) 6377 9660.

Skip Bin Prices for Rockingham

A 2m3 Green waste skip bin start from $170 next day delivery and book online. The most popular skip is a mixed heavy waste skip at 5m3 for $380. Whatever size you need we will have a solution that meets your budget.

All of our drivers operate with integrity and professionalism, priding themselves on their efficiency and prompt deliveries and collections for all residents living in the Rockingham and Kwinana Shire suburbs.

skip bin hire rockingham

Skip Bin Sizes for Rockingham

Various sizes of skips are available so you can select the one that’s right for your waste generation needs. WA Skips can help with all of your skip bin hire needs in Rockingham including:

  • Household renovations
  • Residential waste
  • Household clean-ups
  • Bond cleanouts
  • Garden waste
  • Office/garage clean-ups
  • After party waste
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Construction waste including soil, cement and bricks
  • Metals including steel and aluminium
  • Waste from all trades services
  • Building site waste and much more.

Skip Bins to Suit Every Business in Rockingham

The team at WA Skips will dispose of your waste, collect it and recycle it efficiently, regardless of your business type. Skips WA has a waste solution for every need and will make sure you get the best deal possible.

  • Same-day delivery: Do you need a skip bin urgently for your home or job site in Rockingham, Perth? We can oblige. Just call us on (08) 6377 9660 and our friendly, local operators will endeavour to get a driver to your site ASAP.
  • Unbeatable service: Are you tired of booking skip bin services online, but the skip bin never shows up? Are you tired of looking for skip bin hire services near me in Rockingham, but dealing with offshore call centres? We understand your frustrations. WA Skips has a team of local operators waiting to take your call and help you with all of your requests.
  • Sustainable outcomes: WA Skips has a strong sustainability focus and endeavour to recycle as much of your waste as possible so it is not clogging landfills. This enables your business or trades service to have a stronger environmental stance which you can advertise to your customers.

We are large enough to provide a full range of waste management services, yet small enough to provide personalised, friendly and responsive service. We offer a wide range of waste disposal services, including traditional waste management and combined recycling to suit all industries including:

  • Trades services
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial and more

Which Skip Bin Size Is Right for Me?

The answer depends on how much waste you have. Rockingham’s skip bins are measured in cubic metres, 1m3 is roughly the size of a standard trailer load.

In order to determine how much hard rubbish you have, you should gather it together and measure its height, length, and width. Your total cubic metre will be determined by multiplying these numbers together.

Round this up to the nearest whole number and that will determine the size of the skip you need or the volume of bins required for large-scale projects. Our local staff members will be able to assist you on (08) 6377 9660 if you’re not sure which skip bin is right for you.

Can You Tell Me What Kind of Skip Bin I Need?

The four main waste types available in a skip bin are general wastes, green wastes, concrete and bricks, and heavy wastes. Make sure you know what type of skip you need, and make sure that no other types of waste go into it.

Liquids, tyres, batteries, food waste, and hazardous materials like chemicals, asbestos, and paint should not be disposed of in skip bins in Rockingham. Again, if you have any questions about what type of skip bins you need, just give us a call on (08) 6377 9660 and we’ll be happy to help.

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