4 Backyard Spring Cleaning Checklist That Often Overlooked

Spring is here! This vibrant season is always put a bright smile on everyone faces especially in Melbourne, Australia. However, it can become the opposite when looking at your backyard condition which usually piling with fallen leaves, branches, flower petals and other green wastes. Then, it’s time to do the backyard spring cleaning routine which can be a fun thing to do together with the rest of the family member. Additionally, by doing the backyard spring cleaning you may also do the landscaping project that you have been planned but never got the chance to realize it. Whatever the reasons backyard spring cleaning is a must-do once a month during the spring season for it is the relaxation area at home for the entire family. A removalist can help you with the cleaning more efficiently, click here for more info.

Here are our 5 things you should mark on your backyard spring cleaning list this year that often overlooked.

1. Empty and clean the backyard trash cans

The first thing you should check on in your backyard is the trash can which probably you have more than one. The residents of Melbourne mostly use their backyard trash cans as the main waste collection bin for their daily household waste. Therefore, it would be a good idea to start emptying the trash can and put all of the waste in the skip bin then clean the trash cans because a dirty trash can is an eyesore and the odour is very unwelcoming. Clean it and maybe you can add a nice pain retouch to match the spring theme.

2. Give some loves to the grill and grilling tools.

Australian really love to throw a backyard barbeque dinner party with friends, families or even business colleagues which include grilling a large portion of meat. The grill and grilling tools will most-likely be overlooked for regular cleaning after the party which means during the spring season it will accumulate a bit more than just dust, oil, and rust. Use the aluminium foil and crunch it to remove the light rust then do a thorough cleaning of the rest of the grill by using a special soap designed for metal cleaning.

3. Dog house cleaning is a must.

Please give extra care to the belonging of our best friend, the Dog. That including the dog house and its bed which most-likely placed in the backyard of your house. By doing so, not only you will give a great present for the dog but also help protect your dog from spider bites and reduce the fleas in your yard. This is a must on your spring-cleaning checklist.

4. Organize and clean your shed.

For a homeowner in Melbourne city, usually, the storage or garden shed is the storing place of their garden/house tools which most-likely the one place that rarely organized and cleaned. Therefore, should consider cleaning the shelves, tool hangers and seed storage during this spring season

5. Garage Cleanout

Australian has a similar habit once it comes to the garage, its purpose is not only for parking and storing the car but also as the home appliances or old furniture storage which make it one of the messiest parts of the house. You need an organized, low-cost and time-efficient method to do a garage cleanout. Check this article to find out more about it.


Backyard spring cleaning is a good way to maintain the aesthetic of your house as well as providing a clean and healthy environment for your family. So, what are the must-do tasks you always include in your backyard spring cleaning list? Give a suggestion in the comment section.

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