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What is the Best Tankless Water Heater Brand: Read to Find Out

Buying a tankless water heater is not a walk in the park. For instance, if you go online and type what is the best tankless water heater brand as your search query, for sure, you will be confronted with a long list of recommendations. As a wise buyer, you need to invest in thorough research to differentiate the possibilities and make the right decision.

The answers with regards to the best brand of tankless water heater will vary from one person to another. It all boils down to a matter of personal opinion. If you ask our team, however, there is one that stands out for us – Rheem. Keep on reading and we’ll let you know more about Rheem and what makes the brand an exceptional choice.

About the Company

Rheem is an American company that specializes in residential and commercial water heaters, as well as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. It was founded in 1925 by Richard and Donald Rheem, who are brothers. With almost 100 years of experience in the industry, it would be safe to say that the company has gained the reputation it deserves.

More than the extensive experience in the business, Rheem also takes pride in the introduction of award-winning innovations, taking the brand a step above its competitors. In the past years, it has introduced ground-breaking technologies that allow it to be ahead of the other players on the global market.

Whether you want a gas or an electric tankless water heater, Rheem has got you covered. They have a wide selection of models that are available depending on your needs and budget. To add, their tankless water heaters are also built to withstand the test of time. From the external body to the internal components, they are durable. To make you more confident about its longevity, the manufacturer also offers an extensive warranty coverage, which will depend on the specific model that you will choose.

Features of Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

There are tons of revolutionary features that you can find in the company’s water heaters. Even their low-end models are equipped with innovations that give them an advantage over their competitors.

Among others, Rheem water heaters are known for being energy-efficient. They provide immediate heating without consuming too much power. You can also enjoy instant hot water because of the built-in recirculation pump that you can find in many models. In some models, however, the pump has to be purchased separately. In terms of construction, most of the models have an all-copper heat exchanger, which can provide you with the confidence that it will be long-lasting. Many also have a digital display to easily monitor its functions.

Top-Rated Tankless Water Heaters from Rheem

Even now that you know that Rheem is a top-rated brand, it is still difficult to look for a water heater because of the choices that are available. One of our personal favorites is the Rheem RTEX-13, which is great if you live in a tiny apartment. This is good only for a single shower or bathroom. It has a sleek design, which makes it an excellent pick if you are looking for one that is space-efficient. The unit comes with a digital temperature control that will allow you to easily make changes in the water temperature from 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another great option is the Rheem RTGH-95DVLN natural gas water heater. It has a 9.5 GPM flow rate. Even if you live in a high-altitude location, the heater will prove to be effective. Users of this model also praised the innovative digital display that shows even diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting whenever a problem is encountered.

Indeed, Rheem is a brand that stands out when it comes to tankless water heaters. Being in the business for almost a century, you can be confident that their products can provide the best bang for the buck. Quality is their priority, providing a guarantee of your satisfaction!

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